DFW WordCamp for Kids | WordPress for Kids

2016 DFW WordCamp for Kids!

This year will be the year DFW Kid’s Camp sells out long before the adult tickets!

DFW WordCamp for Kids | WordPress for Kids

DFW WordCamp for Kids | WordPress for Kids

DFW Kid’s Camp

This year, Kid’s Camp is destined for new heights! Last year tickets sold out. This year, grab your tickets to DFW Kid’s Camp early, and get ready for the excitement!

Kid’s Camp is specifically designed, created, and geared to educate and empower a younger generation to become fluidly comfortable and proficient with WordPress. Imagine what you could do if you had an extra 4 or 5 years of experience with WordPress.

  • Where would you be now?
  • Where would your super skills be?
  • How excited would you be when you opened up your /wp-admin/ area with total confidence?
  • Who would you be able to help?
  • What types of sites would you have the power to create?
  • Where would YOU be, TODAY?

This is your opportunity to give your children the head start they they need!

You’ll need to bring:

  1. An “age appropriate” Kid (..we’ll let YOU decide what that means)  
  2. A laptop or tablet that can connect to the internet
  3. That’s It! There’s not really a #3, but a list of only 2 items seems a bit lonely! A kiddo & a laptop is all you need! #waahoo

Points to Ponder:

  1. As you know, WordPress is a great medium to tell a story.
    • So, to practice posting content, please have you kiddo think of at least 3 courageous, compelling, captivating, mesmerizing, intriguing, and fascinating stories so that they can practice making a post.
  2. Regardless if it’s a laptop or a tablet, bring some images!
    • Have the laptop or tablet stuffed with several images so that your kiddo can practice uploading media, positioning the images, captioning the story, and become comfortable with images in WordPress.
  3. Have FUN!
    • Last year, several kiddos were done with the class and in only 1 years time, they’ve gone on to have great blogs and websites powered by WordPress.  Our goal here is not only educational, but to enjoy it as well! Be prepared to actually enjoy learning!

Get Your Ticket(s) to Kid’s Camp Now

Got a Question? Overly excited and just want to say #wahoo? No Problem! Contact us or reach out on Facebook or Twitter anytime!