Our Q&A with Keanan Koppenhaver

Keanan will be joining us as a speaker for WordCamp DFW with his talk entitled “WP Debugging Tools and Tips” on our Developer track.

Why do you use WordPress?

I use WordPress because it’s such a popular solution that many of our clients have already been exposed to it and are used to how it works.  I like how it can run anything from the smallest marketing site for a local business all the way up to any of the sites on WordPress VIP.  The communities focus on backwards compatibility is great too, since it ensures that our work can stick around for a long time.

When and how did you get started using WordPress?

I started using WordPress when I initially got hired at doejo as an intern.  I had no idea that I’d be eventually working on websites that hundreds of thousands of people see every day!

How do you stay informed about WordPress news, tips, etc.?

The Make WordPress Slack team has been great for picking up little tips and tricks along the way.  In addition the Advanced WP group on Facebook and the WP Developers Club are great groups of people who are always talking WordPress.

What do you like most about WordCamps? (and which have you attended?)

WordCamps are great because they make an effort to include everyone from the community from bloggers and site admins all the way to developers and even Automatticians who work on the infrastructure we all use every day.  It’s great to meet people and work through problems together.

Keanan will be speaking at WordCamp DFW 2016. His talk is entitled “WP Debugging Tools and Tips” Until then, find Keanan online at levelupwp.net or tweet him @kkoppenhaver!