Our Q&A with Aaron Campbell

Aaron will be joining us as a speaker for WordCamp DFW with his talk entitled “Being a Good Citizen in the WordPress Community” on our Community track.

Why do you use WordPress?

It started because of the options out there (in 2004) it seemed to have the best admin interface. At some point though, probably around the time I started contributing (2007), it took on a much more altruistic purpose. I want to support open source and permissive licenses like the GPL because I think that owning your data is important. Bringing that freedom to everyone is a passion of mine now.

When and how did you get started using WordPress?

I started using it in 2004, before the 1.5 release. At the time it was because it had the best admin interface. If you look back at that now, you’d cringe, or laugh, or maybe both. We’ve made a lot of progress in 12 years.

How do you stay informed about WordPress news, tips, etc.?

I’m definitely a huge fan of Post Status (http://poststatus.com). I’m a club member there, and if you want WordPress news you should be too.

What do you like most about WordCamps? (and which have you attended?)

WordCamps are fantastic for meeting people. And as for which ones I’ve attended…let’s just say “lots” 😉

Aaron will be speaking at WordCamp DFW 2016. His talk is entitled “Being a Good Citizen in the WordPress Community“! Until then, find Aaron online at AaronDCampbell.com or tweet her @aaroncampbell.